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Executive Leadership Coaching

There is undeniable evidence that coaching is now being used more widely than ever before as both a supportive and developmental process across all sectors. According to the most recent CIPD surveys of UK organisations:

90% stated that they are using coaching

80% of respondents who are using coaching aspire to develop a ‘coaching culture’ and

75% of respondents are currently investing time, resources and effort in to achieving this.

Typically coaching is utilised in 3 main areas:


1. used for development and improving performance

2. part of talent and succession-planning, and leadership development

3. specific professional development


1. to address skills performance gaps / where problems arise

2. to develop performance at all levels

3. part of performance management to support staff development


1. to support transition in to a more senior role

2. to support transition from technical to supervisory roles

3. to prepare executives

Coaching relationships are almost always one to one and are established with clear confidentiality and boundaries through a ‘coaching contract’ discussed and agreed at the outset. Often the sponsor, who may well be the employer of the ‘coachee’, attends an initial briefing session at which the aims of the coaching sessions are clearly and transparently discussed and agreed. The Coach, Coachee and Sponsor are all then clear and in agreement with the intended outcomes of the coaching sessions.

An exception to this approach can often be within the provision of Executive Leadership Coaching where senior managers and leaders personally elect to seek out their own coach to develop a professional coaching relationship which will aid them in better tackling their leadership challenges and ongoing professional journey.

The Executive Leadership Coaching service provided through Paragon Recruitment was established in recognition that leadership, and in particular senior organisational leadership, can be a lonely role with little opportunity to speak openly and honestly about the challenges faced and the myriad of choices and options that present themselves almost daily.

The professional and confidential nature of Paragon’s Executive Coaching services, provided by ILM L7 trained coaches, gives leaders the opportunity to meet and then discuss their own professional dilemmas with a view to identifying and examining potential solutions. Further sessions then review the action taken at a later date. Leadership coaching enables the ‘coachee’ to identify issues and challenges, to then explore them in their own professional context and examine a range of possible solutions.

The Coach’s role is to ask inquisitive and searching open questions, to challenge and explore the proposed solutions and to encourage action against the coachee’s preferred direction.

“Good leadership rests with the leader, being themselves more of the time, but with skill”.

David Gilbert-Smith

Leadership coaching helps to create this greater awareness and the call to better leadership action.

To discuss, in total confidence, how Executive Coaching could develop you or your business, in the first instance please contact - 

Debbie Cooper – debbie@paragon.co.im or call +44 (0) 1624 665115