Workplace Well-being

Workplace Well-being

  • March 06, 2018
Workplace Well-being

The Lisa Lowe Centre/Manx Cancer Help are looking to raise some support to fund the charity through 2018.

Mental Health is fresh in the news at the moment and we are pleased that we can raise awareness, education and support for those on the Isle of Man.

The Lisa Lowe Centre is rolling out a “workplace well-being charter” where they can perform an assessment of your company’s well-being policy and provide you with a complete report indicating areas where you may need to improve, where you are doing well as well as offering  advice on actions that you can take.

They are also running the following Mental Health courses for the workplace.

Course 1 - Wellbeing First Aid Officer

Course 2 - Mental Health Awareness for Line Managers

Workshop 2 - Impact of traumatic events in the workplace

Workshop 3 - Harmful addictive behaviour and the workplace

For further information, please visit