Reduce your time and cost per hire with Paragon

Reduce your time and cost per hire with Paragon

  • June 29, 2020
Reduce your time and cost per hire with Paragon

When an unexpected vacancy arises, time is of the essence. Workloads begin to pile up, and there just aren’t quite enough pairs of hands to tackle it – let alone look for a new recruit. As time and money go hand-in-hand, streamlining the recruitment process is vital. That’s when it’s time to ask the experts for a helping hand.

Let’s take a look at three ways that a recruiter can help you to keep costs low and find that all-important superstar candidate.

Reach the right candidates

Even the clearest job descriptions and most eye-catching advertisements can slip right past the eyes of your ideal applicants. Why? Well, often they’re simply not looking for it. Just 30% of the global workforce are active job seekers, meaning the rest is made up of passive candidates which could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Here’s where a recruiter’s extensive professional network comes into a league of their own. Their carefully cultivated talent pipelines are gold mines when it comes to finding the perfect fit, whether the candidate is already looking for a new role or not. Dipping into this talent pool will catapult you in the right direction and vastly reduce the amount of time a position is left unfilled – meaning you can get straight back to business.

Free up your workforce

Partnering with a recruitment agency enables your employees to, quite simply, do what they were employed to do. Recruiting is a time-intensive process, and your management team most likely have enough on their plate without sifting through CVs and arranging interviews. By bringing in an extra pair of hands to do the headhunting for you, you’re allowing your existing team to focus on driving revenues when you need it most.

Automated technologies also allow recruiters to screen candidates and eliminate underqualified ones in just a fraction of the time that it would take an employee to complete manually. In some cases, turning to technology can eliminate unconscious bias in the hiring process too.

Build a lasting relationship

Your business may have a skills gap to plug, but selecting the right candidate for the job comes down to more than just the skills they bring to the table. When enlisting the help of a recruiter, you’ll not only be asked about the role requirements, but also your company culture and the direction that your business is heading in. As a result, they will be able to visualise the bigger picture and begin to filter out the candidates which may not be such a great fit – leaving you with a more focused talent pool that’s been curated especially for you.

Company culture can be easily overlooked, but with 65% of employees admitting that it’s a key factor in deciding whether to stay in their current role or look elsewhere, it’s an essential part of ensuring your new hire can see a future with your company. Over time, a recruiter will become acquainted with your company culture as if it were their own, and be able to successfully place candidates with you time and time again.

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