Executive Recruitment

Executive Recruitment

  • March 30, 2021
Executive Recruitment - the Paragon way

The Employer's perspective...

Tapping into the Unknown

Executive recruiting is an art that requires discretion and trust, and comes from years of specialised experience. It is a highly skilled discipline provided by focussed experts who work intimately and sensitively with your organisation to carefully define a role and then to short list and track suitable candidates who may not be on the open market. This is done by getting to know you and your people on an individual basis, so we can present prospective candidates with a compelling reason to join your business.

Experienced Professionals

Paragon's Executive Team have over 20 years’ experience in the recruitment industry backed by substantial careers within International Finance in the Isle of Man, UK and Channel Islands. We are highly respected, networked and effective, with credibility and proven track records. Classed as ‘Trusted Business Partner’ for a range of regulated and commercial global businesses we pride ourselves on how we truly adapt to each individual organisational needs by understanding your business ethos, people and culture. This is vital as it enables us to source candidates who can make a genuine difference to your organisation. Finding the right executive takes a huge amount of time – outsourcing to specialists takes that pressure off you.

Time Saving Focus

As experts in the art of screening talent, we can accomplish more work, in less time, due to our in-depth knowledge and experience. This means we do not simply supply employers long speculative candidate lists; refined shortlists only.

Leveraging Long-forged Trust

Most importantly regular updates with our own candidates means we know them personally, building long term trust.  These are not individuals we have had one phone call with a few months ago, who we’re just going to put in front of you at interview and hope for the best – we know what drives them, we know their strengths and weaknesses, and we’re constantly vetting them, so nothing is left to chance, saving organisations money and time!

Extensive Reach

We have access to a huge network of candidates from our own ‘registered’ candidate database, social media platforms with an impressive reach of 30k followers across a variety of platforms puts us in an enviable positon with our competitors. We can offer Employer branding and market consultancy, followed by Recruitment advertising - design, management and response handling. After many years of experience we understand what works and what doesn’t!


The Candidate's perspective...

Discretion Assured

You have worked hard to reach Executive status. You cannot afford your integrity to be compromised. We value discretion above all else and will only work with you in the utmost confidentiality.

The Experts

We are a group of like minded professional Recruiters who are experts in matching people to roles, and can be an invaluable source of information on the local marketplace - who is recruiting, when, how and for which positions.  Often recruiters have access to vacancies and opportunities which aren’t advertised, and can work to create new opportunities based on knowledge of their clients’ current and future business needs.

Insider Advice

We can advise on how to best approach your preferred organisations, with appropriate and up to-date CV and interview tips based on industry standards, in addition to providing proactive recommendations on positions or areas you may not have considered. 

Our Executive Recruiters also provide independent careers advice - they can assist you with weighing up the pros and cons of different career paths, and offer a realistic appraisal of the local marketplace, together with information on salary levels, company cultures, working environment, ongoing support and much more.

CV’s that stand out

Your CV is a starting point for what should be an active document, and ultimately the tool to enable you to secure an interview with your employers of choice.  It’s crucial to adapt your CV for each role, every time – you need to consider the role and employer you are applying to and then to include or remove appropriate information in support of this.

We will assist and guide, this is your document and you are best placed to understand and update your work history, skills and aspirations. We will make it shine!

Tailored Communication

We will keep in contact with you by setting out a set of communication expectations and agree on the best way to work together moving forwards. Every individual has different expectations on the levels of communication expected, so we will agree on timeframes and methods to review your search.  It might be just a call when a great potential opportunity comes up, a regular scheduled discussion or an email check-in every two weeks. 

Ultimately recruitment is about people – attraction, identification, market knowledge, effective communication and networking - our contacts, methods and track record reflect the levels of commitment our whole team places in delivering results, and the passion for our business.

Find out more:

If you would like to understand more about our Executive offering, please contact dean@paragon.co.im or Martin@paragon.co.im alternatively you can call on 01624 665115 for a confidential chat.