Future of Work Insights

Future of Work Insights

  • August 23, 2021
Future of Work Insights - supporting a neurodiverse workforce

Businesses are learning how to best support a neurodiverse workforce, and the benefits this can bring.

Organisations have largely woken up to the fact that creating a workforce that is more representative of the people they do business with can deliver significant benefits. But while equality on gender and ethnicity lines is well understood, the concept of neurodiversity remains more of a challenge for employers.

Policies aimed at promoting greater levels of gender and racial equality in the workplace have been implemented at both the governmental and corporate levels. Meanwhile, a significant body of research has developed to demonstrate the business benefits of creating more representative workforces.

Paragon Director, Debbie Scrimshaw was invited to contribute to RBSI's Future of Work Insight, regarding factoring diversity into recruitment practices.  Read the full article here - https://www.rbsinternational.com/institutional-banking/insights/a-neurodiverse-workforce.html

Embracing neurodiversity can help businesses become more effective and successful. This approach is about helping everyone to thrive and seeing everyone as talent, no matter how their brain works, creating more inclusive, engaged and innovative organisations.