Why use a recruiter?

Why use a recruiter?

  • September 06, 2022
5 reasons to consider using a recruiter to help land your dream job

How (and why) a recruiter can help you master your dream job


As a job seeker, you have more ways than ever before to find that all-important next role. From online job boards and company careers pages, to mobile apps and the job pages of the local newspaper your choices are plentiful. But an estimated 70% of all available jobs are never advertised, which means that your ideal job is probably out there and being recruited for right now. So, how can you find these roles?


Here are five ways that a recruitment consultancy can help you take a step closer to securing your new role now:


  1. Master networkers

One of our favourite quotes comes from Ronald Burt, Professor of Sociology and Strategy at University of Chicago. He said: "Instead of better glasses, your network gives you better eyes." He is right. Recruiters don’t simply scan the job ads to see what roles are available, they are formidable relationship builders who nurture and grow their network of professional contacts. And when this network has a new position that needs to be filled, they’re more likely to turn to a recruitment expert they ‘know’ to help them find the right candidate, rather than advertise their role in the tradition way.


  1. Master profile builders

It is said that employers will spend just 15-30 seconds considering a CV and covering letter – sometimes less. If what they see doesn’t grab their attention, they will simply ‘file’ (code for ‘send it to the trash’) your details away. So, you need to make a strong first impression…fast. It isn’t easy, but this is what recruiters are trained to do. By understanding your precise requirements, career expectations and experience to date, recruiters can tailor your application in a way that matches your skills with those that are most desired in the role you wish to apply for. In doing so, your chances of interview success are significantly increased.


  1. Master time savers

Sometimes it can feel as though looking for a job is a job in itself. From all those hours spent scrolling through job-boards to posting applications and following them up, it can be exhausting and frustrating, not to mention extremely time consuming. Working with a recruiter can effectively take this task on for you – and do it better. Recruiters do this for a living, and they can proactively search and find the right roles with the right employers and at the right time for you.


  1. Master negotiators

There are two things that make most candidates feel uncomfortable: talking about their weaknesses; and, perhaps most importantly, talking about money. It is the proverbial elephant in the room that can see brilliant candidates fail to get the salary their experience, skills and obvious potential suggests they should. This is an area where recruiters really do shine. Because they have taken the time to really understand you, they appreciate the value you can add to an employer, and so they can take on the salary negotiation on your behalf, ensuring you receive the offer you truly deserve.


  1. Finally…

On average, people in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties change jobs every two-and-a-half to three years, whilst those over 35 will typically remain with the same employer for four or more years. We can all get itchy feet and seek a move elsewhere, especially if the opportunity to progress further is not readily available. So, when that time comes, who better to help you find your next role than a recruiter – especially one who is known to you. If they’ve worked with you in the past, then they’ll ‘get’ what you are all about which in turn can accelerate the recruitment process and see you secure your next move sooner rather than later.


We’re the recruitment partner of choice for many of the island’s premier employers. They trust us to help them find the right candidate to fill their roles.  Speak to the Paragon Team for more information on how we can help you with your job search.