Writing a winning job advert

Writing a winning job advert

  • December 09, 2022
Writing a winning job advert for the Isle of Man with Paragon Recruitment

An impressive job advert is unlikely to be a lengthy, generic list of roles and responsibilities. It’s all about diving straight into what really matters, both for you as an employer and for the potential candidate that may just be the superstar you’re looking for.

Before you get caught up in detailing the intricacies of the role, consider these three key points to help you stay on the right path.

Include all important information

In theory, this sounds straightforward, right? However, you’d be surprised at just how much a potential applicant might want to know about you at this early stage. Aside from the job title, brief list of role responsibilities and a little about the company’s background, a candidate wants to know what makes you stand out from the crowd.

If your office set in a stunning location? What’s included in your employee benefits package? What’s the salary range? It can be difficult to put a figure on the latter, but it’s crucial if you are to make efficient use of your time. You’ll already have a good idea of your budget, but you’ll be wasting everyone’s time if candidates with high aspirations later find out that the salary on offer simply isn’t viable for them.

Opt for inclusive language

Open yourself up to a diverse talent pool by choosing words that welcome candidates from all backgrounds. An estimated 40% of hiring managers don’t consider the use of gender coded language when writing job descriptions, but it needn’t be time-intensive.

Words such as ‘dominate’ or ‘competitive’ are considered more masculine terms, and can unconsciously be deterring women from applying for the position. Try using tools like Textico that can help you identify any issues.

Keep on top of your key words

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure your job title is clear, recognisable and actually a term that your ideal candidate will be searching for. These days, job titles tend to be flexible and you may be tempted to try and stand out from the crowd. Our advice? Don’t.

Aim to use the exact search terms as your applicants, putting yourself on a level playing field with your competitors. Try putting yourself in their shoes. Will they search for ‘IT jobs’ or or something more specific? If in doubt, include both. The same goes for your location, skills and attributes too.

A cookie-cutter approach to job descriptions won’t get you very far, and you risk the candidate recognising your carbon copy of previous job descriptions. Instead, personalise each one, keeping your ideal employee in mind and slowly luring them in with the unique offering you’re ready to put on the table.

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